Ten Best Beauty Tips For Face and how to apply on face

Ten best beauty tips for face

Beauty Tips for Face

Today Iam sharing with you about of  beauty tips for face. Do you know about natural Beauty? What is Natural beauty and how can get it.

You will use following tips:

1. Wash your face Daily with clean water

This can help slow down the aging process. FREE redicals cling to makeup and even just the top layer of your skin. They can causes your pores to clong and breakouts to occur . They can also cause fine lines and wrinkles to from as well. If is important to clean your skin regularly to get rid of the elements that can age your skin. It is one step of beauty Tips for face. 

2. Sharing is not caring when it comes to Beauty

Sharing Beauty products results in sharing of bacteria and germs as well , Make sure that you have your own beauty products that no one else uses. Always remember, Never use any beauty products which is near expiry.

3. Never apply beauty products thick

Thick makeup or too much makeup can cause you are looking  older then your current age. It can cause your pores to clogs and also makes the collagen break down. Your skin will no longer be firm and will begin to sag. Use a minimal amount of foundation on your skin .

4. Use makeup products to a minimum

Beauty tips for face- top 10 tips

Layering on a lot of different products can cause your skin to age permanently,look dull and drab .Use less makeup so you show of your natural glow and keep your face looking fresh. You will know more information about beauty tips or face on our next post.

5. Cleanse your face with a good cleanser

Tips: wash your hands  and  pin up your hair. Apply cleansing lotions and  then remove it gently with a cotton balls using gentle circular movements, rinse with clear water and delicately pat dry.

《if you wear makeup  then gently use makeup remover wipes to remove the makeup before you cleanse your skin》.

Cleanse your face every evening before going to your Bed for sleeping.

6. Use Toner after cleansing

Beauty tips for face- Gently use a cotton ball saturated with toner on your face,ear and neck ,the toner closes and tightens your pores and also removes any cleanser that may have been left behind on the skin , Now move on step 7.

7. Apply Moisturizer or night cream after toning

Beauty tips for face tips paper

8. Facial Massage : beauty tips for Face

It helps to increase circulation to the skin & make your look much younger and firmer . It will release happy hormones and increase  a person’s energy . Massage therapy can release  stress,sinus  congestion, headaches and promote great skin. It will maintain our blood circulation on face skin.

How to Perform Home Facial Massage- Beauty Tips /Ideas

At first choose massage oil & good cream made specifically for your face. Make sure to start  by getting your face clean and oil free . You can apply an exfoliating cream to help eliminate dead skin and start revving up the blood flow . Create a good relaxing mood through soft music and fragrant candles. Apply some facial massage  oil to fingertips d to your face,this will help make  the movement smooth and very relaxing. Start with soft strokes using the index , middle and ring fingers. Apply massage movements in an upward motion . Do this over the entire face ,neck,forehead,ears and scalp to get the most relaxation and the best results at least ten minutes.

9. Beauty tips for face : WAX face to  remove facial hairs

Choose a wax you can microwave quickly and keep strips cut to size handy. You can then heat  your wax and remove your hair quickly when needed,making it  easier to maintain your look a q tip or cotton swab works to spread the wax better. They’re also disposable and less expensive. Now you are looking better then before.

10. Use Herbal Face Packs For Beauty Face

Top 10 best beauty tips for face , tips paper

We have available many products at the home but we never use it because we don’t know about its benefit. Tips : Make them from papaya,Avocado,lemon (2 drops) or honey mix it and apply your face.

A Neem Face pack apply Can help clear acne and breakouts , cut about some Neem (Ten) Leaves and boil them with small segments of Orange peel in a little water. Pound them to a pulp , add a little honey, yoghurt and soy milk , to form a smooth paste. Apply this to your face . This will clear acne and breakouts, dry up whiteheads and even reduce the appearance of pores. Honey and Neem are excellent moisturizer. It is best for winter.

Papaya face pack for beauty skin –  other best face pack is papaya face pack.

Cut a ripe papaya in to pieces after removing the skin. Mass it with your fingers or a fork. Apply on your face and rinse off after ten minutes with cold water, then clean any soft or clean cloths. After some times you feel fresh. Papaya is a part of  herbal pack for face which will be easily find. Today you got

Top 10 best beauty tips for face.

I hope this article is helpful for you, if you have any suggestions  for this post please contact us or comment below. ♡




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