Best Free Alternatives To Expensive Softwares

We can always enjoy powerful creative tools out of the cost. Here are Free Alternatives Software to Paid software.

You can read and use step by Step:

Free softwares for Windows or Linux

Nowadays software like the Adobe collection are a lot more affordable with the creative cloud options those of us who like to create and experiment with different mediums still find ourselves begging for cheaper alternative

Here are some Free Alternatives To Expensive Software:

S.N. Free Software Alternatives (Paid)
1. Lightwork Sony Vegas
2.  Blender 3D  Autodesk Maya
 3.  Amazon Storywriter  Final Draft or Fade in
 4.  Google Docs  Microsoft Office
 5.  Foxit Reader  Adobe Acrobat
 6.  Audacity  Adobe Audition
 7.  GIMP  Adobe Photoshop
 8.  Krita  Paint or Drawing
 9.  Inkscape  Adobe Illustrator

Now Iam going to describe one by one  about free  softwares. If you want to know details about it then read More.


1. Lightwork |Alternative To Sony Vegas 

Free softwares for Windows

That’s not just a click bait image: lightwork was indeed used to produce Hugo, the award winning film by Martin Scorsese . Iam trying it out right now , getting used to its different commands, but it’s quite promising . It has a paid version that allows exporting in 4K and such, but with the free version you already get all of its editing capabilities and it allows exporting up to 1080 pixels which is more then enough for YouTube videos. If you want to download for Windows, Linux or Mac then follow down link.

■>Download Now  

2. Blender 3D|Alternative to Autodesk Maya


Autodesk maya free software for Linux or Windows

It is almost unbelievable. It’s so insanely powerful but it is impressively nice with your RAM runs smoothly and you can do this. It is mind boggling that this is actually totally free. I have used it a lot for creating simple models for games, but you can go way further than that. World of warning  though , don’t get cocky when you start . Blender’s interface is dense and takes some time to get used  to.

Runs On : Windows, Mac and Linux

Download Now

3. Amazon Storywriter | Alternative to Final Draft or Fade in

Amazon Story writer

Celtx is also a great alternative for writing scripts online if you don’t care for production capabilities , Because if you do You will have to pay . So since we’re focusing on all free apps , Amazon’s storywriter was quite a find. It’s made especially for writing , so the UI is minimal and unintrusive. You can work offline, access on other devices and share it with collaborators. And  if you are feeling confident, you can send your finished script straight to Amazon Studios, where it can be bought by them for movie production!!

RUNS ON: Any web browser

Download Now

4. Google Docs | Alternative to  Microsoft Office

Google drive


I WAS going  to recommended Apache open office as an alternative to Microsoft Office, but who even uses these anymore?I don’t remember  opening Microsoft word the past year. In fact I don’t even have it installed . I create and manage All my docs and sheets on google drive, because it’s easier to access , to share and to create . You can also create presentations , which repalaces the need for PowerPoint. And working in collaboration with partners is awesome you can see where there cursor is on the document as they write in real time.

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