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See what your snoozing style says about you :

Do you know which is the best position for good Health?Don’t worry today Iam going to share 6 best sleep position .

Which is the 6 best sleep position you will choose :

1. The FreeFall sleeping Position

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The Freefall Sleeping Position


About the freefall sleep position

Position: Lying on your stomach with hands up around the pillow and head turned to one side like on picture.

Personality:  Freefallers are often extroverted and brash people.They appear nervy, but are truly thin skinned people who take criticism personally.

What is health benefits:  Freefall OR any position in which you are lying face down is good for digestion system. 

2. The Fetus sleeping Position

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The Fetus sleeping Position


About Fetus sleeping tips

About Position: Curled up on your side. This is most common sleeping Positions, adopted by 41 percent of the 1,000 people who took part in professor Idzikowski’s survey.

Personality:  Those who sleep in the fetus are described as tough on the outside, but shy and sensitive at heart. They may take time to warm up to people, but soon relax.

What is health benefit : Sleeping on left side can cause Stress on your vital organs[ like Liver,stomach,lungs] So if fetus is your position of choice ,curl up on the right side of your body.

3.The Log sleeping Position:

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The Log Sleeping Position

About The Log Sleeping Position tips

About The Log Position:  Lying on your side both arms down by your side and simple positions.

Personality:  Log sleepers are social,easy going people. The downside:their tendency to trust anyone including complete strangers — makes them easy to Fool.

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What is Health Benefit: This position keeps the spine straight,which should be beneficial for those who suffer from back pain. Feeling like a log, in general……??Get in the best shape of your life with the anarchy workout .. You can lose almost 20 pounds of fat in just 42 Days.

4. The Yearner sleeping

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The Yearner sleeping Positions

About The Yearner sleeping Positions

On your side with both arms out in front and both legs are half folding position.

Personality: Yearners are open to new things, but also suspicious and cynical. They take a longer time to make decisions weighing pros and cons repeatedly but once they make a choice,they almost never change their mind or have regrets.

What is Health Benefit Tips: Testing on your side can help alleviate some problems associated with acid reflux disease and sleep apnea. But if such symptoms are a common occurrence,you may need to see a specialist.

5. The Soldier sleep position 

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The Soldier sleep position

About The Soldier sleep position

LYING on your back with both arms at your sides. You will check on the picture above for easy.

Personality: Soldier sleepers are generally quiet and reserved.They don’t like to make a big deal out of things, and they set very high standards for themselves and others.

What is Health Benefits: Reserch shows that sleeping on your back may lead to snoring,difficulty breathing,and an overall bad night’s your snoring keeping  someone awake at night?? Try flipping over…… you’ll  both wake up more refreshed.

6.Starfish sleeping Position

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The starfish sleep position

Did you know what is the starfish sleeping position??

About The starfish sleep position:

LYING on your back with both arms up.

Personality : Starfish sleepers are described as great listeners and thus good friends.They are always willing to offer help and generally don’t like being in the limelight.

What is the Starfish sleep Health Benefit:

LIKE the soldier, starfish sleepers are more likely to snore and have breathing problems while they sleep,resulting in a less  refreshing night’s rest.

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At last, which is the best sleeping Position for you??? Comments below:

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